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The End of Maxcape

Dec 06, 2016

Hey all,

I figure it's been a long time since I've posted any updates here, and I figure I owe some sort of explanation.

I have little to no interest in RuneScape these days. I haven't logged on or even thought about logging in in at least 6 months. As such I don't really have a lot of interest in working on Maxcape anymore.

That said, I am still really proud of Maxcape and the community of people that we've built here. As such, I won't be taking down the site, but I probably won't be updating it anymore. I am open to the possibility of someone taking it over, and hopefully improving it, but it would have to be the right person. For anyone interest in this please note that Maxcape was largely a learning process for me so the current source code is fairly messy.

To everyone that's used Maxcape over the last 4 years from when I first made it, thank you. It's been a journey, but I just can't justify putting time into RS anymore.

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killeranik2 Sorey

Ik how you feel, mate.

starinthenight99 SARA BIRDS

A great site, will never be the same without its coder, take care :)

Rob Jones Rob Jones

Hi Evan,

Can you contact me ingame please


Rob Jones

Jimjag Jimjags

m8 solid work best of luck

judytje mr judytje

thank you for making for as far as you did <3
i hope someone who knows how to run this kind of calc can continue this awesome piece of work,
happy holidays <3

CMOS cmos

Thank you for such a wonderful tool, it was one of my favorite by far! Best of luck in your future endeavors, and happy holidays!