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New Badges

Jan 08, 2015

When I released badges way back in the beginning of Maxcape, I never intended for those ugly gold circles to be permanent. Unfortunately, due to my lack of ability when it comes to art and graphical design, I've never been able to come up with something that I liked enough to put up.

Today, I'm glad to announce that there are FINALLY proper badge icons! Along with that, some of the badges have been fixed, removed, and/or renamed, to create a better system.

I owe huge thanks to two people. First of all to Fogolicious, for volunteering to create the first bunch of badges. Unfortunately, due to lack of free time he wasn't able to complete the set. AngelMayCare then stepped in and completed the set. Without her, we would have less than half of the badges completed!

I also owe a huge thank you to Tamal for the original concept, and Arengeir for coming up with most of the badges!

Below is the list of changes I have made to badges

  • Professional Skiller (2x 200m skills) - REMOVED
  • Combatant (higher average combat levels than skill levels) - Changed to 'Killer'
  • Master of Combat (max combat level) - Outdated, changed to 99 Attack, Strength, Magic, and Ranged. Renamed to 'Combatant'
  • True Master of Combat (all combat skills @ 99) - Outdated, Changed to 138 combat. Renamed to 'Master of Combat'
  • Portmaster (all port skills @ 90) - Outdated, added Hunter, Cooking, and Construction.
  • Doubly Skilled (26m in a skill) - Changed to 25m. Renamed to 'Experienced'.
  • Experienced (50m in a skill) - Renamed to 'Skilled'.
  • Semi-pro (100m in a skill) - Renamed to 'Expert'.

All badges are now visible on all profiles. If you do not have a badge earned, it will appear as a grayscale version of the lowest tier of the badge.


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jacobvp jacobvp

Hey Evan,

The badges on the profile are not correct anymore:
- ports badge not unlocked (only non-99 = invention)
- completionist badge unlocked (but i still need 120 invention)
- f2p maxed not unlocked (as far as i know invention isnt f2p)

Possibly going wrong as well:
- skill mastery (says you need a 120 besides dungeoneering, I assume you would like to exclude invention too)

Evan The Orange


Hey, thanks for the heads up! I'll look into it.

jacobvp jacobvp

While you are at it, could you explain the gauge at the forums (below the avatar). Mine is currently at -3%. What do they represent?

Evan The Orange


I fixed the badges.

To answer your question, the gauge on the forums is supposed to be a quick representation of your progress towards maxing. I haven't added invention yet to those (about to do so) so those will be wrong at the moment.

jacobvp jacobvp

Havent been on much, so sorry for the late reply. Thank you for fixing them :)

Djfang atd

Update for logs prices/use of GE api when?

Evan The Orange


Hey, sorry it's taken so long to get back to you. I'm looking into why the update script isn't running... In the meantime I'm running it manually.

Sly Sly


juhouh Mate of Nala

Nice (ye I'm late)

Chaos Noahs Arc



awesome just seen them today
edit: grats on 2m total searches

Gertjan Gertjan

They look great! :)

Dah Bone The Bone


oath2order Oath 2 Order

Love 'em!

Chet Faker Chet Faker

Excellent job! They look awesome.

Kim A Day Late

Well done, Evan! :D

Tamal Tamal


So cool! Thanks!

IrishEIK IrishEIK


I love it! Very sleek designs, props to Angel and Fogo!

TiffieyBell Growlithe

Glad to get rid of those "ugly gold circles" for you. =)