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Maxcape Forums -- Categories & Subforums

May 24, 2014

If you haven't already, take a look at the Design Choices post.

As the forums near completion (this is a way bigger project then I originally expected :P), I'm starting to work out the initial list of Categories and Subforums that will be available upon launch. It is very easy to add more, so don't take this as a final list, and if something comes up later down the line, it can always be added.

So far I have the following list

  • Website
    • News
    • Suggestions
    • Bug Reports
  • RuneScape
    • General
    • Marketplace
    • Achievements
    • Quest Help
    • Quest & Lore Discussion
    • Tech Help
  • Community
    • Events
    • Forum Games
  • General
    • Gaming
    • Rants

I would love to see what you guys think of this current list, and if you have anything to add or change, please let me know in the comments below!

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Bexs Bexs

Nice list of forums, could add an "Off Topic". :)

Akorai Akorai

looks good, when are you planning to launch the forums?

Evan The Orange


Soon hopefully. I've recently been dragged back into RS working on 120 Slayer, so haven't really taken a lot of time to work on things. I'll try to get things done soon!

rocket4203 jsr

nice site keep up the good work

Kiyono Kiyono

1,000,000 searches ;o

IrishEIK IrishEIK


Can't wait! It's been a long time coming for sure.

oath2order Oath 2 Order

In General, maybe add a third subforum for "Other" just for anything that doesn't go in the above, like TV shows, sports, etc.

Unless if you can post directly in General and the other two are just sub-boards for that.

Evan The Orange


A catch-all "other" forum is a good idea.

I've never much cared for subforums within forums. It just creates too many small nooks and crannies in the forums and a lot of things don't get seen, or forums don't get used. I have it currently set up so that what's listed above is how everything is posted.

The main bullet points are categories, and the secondary ones are forums.

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