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Huge New Feature - Logs!

Apr 02, 2014

No, this isn't a post about wood, this is a post about drop logs!

With todays update comes a much requested feature: Logs. These aren't just Drop Logs, but you can also log your entire bank with it! Logs are a great way to keep track of your drops, character value, or anything between. They are only available to users.

To create a log, simply head over to the User Control Panel to the "My Logs" tab. From there you can input everything you want to to create a log.

There are four types of logs:

  • Bank Tab
  • Kill Log
  • Trip Log
  • Cumulative Tab (creates a Bank Tab that includes data from multiple logs)

To add a drop, simply click the green pencil button in the top right above the nav bar. You can do this from any page, although doing it from a log will automatically select that log if it is your log, which can make things like Kill Logging a bit easier.

For a bank tab, you'll only be asked for the item and number of items. Keep in mind that this is TOTAL items. Typing in "###" will set the amount of that item to that number. If you want to add or subtract from the current amount, type in "+###" or "-###" respectively.

For Kill/Trip Logs, adding to the log is a little more complicated. There are two text boxes on the left side, one for the item, one for the amount. This only supports the "###" format, as it only counts for the current kill/trip. Once you have this data in the boxes, click the add to list button, and you'll see the item added to the list on the right side. If you select an item on the right, you can edit the item by changing the value in the text boxes and clicking add to list again. If you want to remove it. Simply click remove from list. When finished, simply click "Add to log".

Either one of these would work for logging Clue Scrolls.

A Cumulative Tab allows you to select one or more logs of the other types and create a Bank Tab log that automatically includes all drops in the other tabs. An example of a use for this is if you have a Kill tab for all the different GWD bosses. You could create a Cumulative Tab including all of these and it would automatically update as you added to those tabs.

To view all the logs that have been created, simply hover over the "Tools" item in the navbar, and click Logs to go to the log page.

I am always open to suggestions, criticism, etc... If you have anything you'd like to see added, changed, or removed, let me know in the comments below!

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Snake Snaekie


robertdalton Just Rob

When I open the log its just a blank page with the title and total

Larszzz Larszzz

Thanks for the reply.

It might be possible to suggest to Jagex that they publish a line of text that contains drop data, bank data etc.

I'm not too sure how it works, but I think they can, pretty easily, make it happen seeing how their loot share chat works. Then it's pretty straight forward to finish the application (a lot of work, mind you).

But this is just how I see it from an absolute beginner perspective.

By the way, I love the site and I really appreciate the work you do. Are there any plans for a 120 capes calc?

Larszzz Larszzz

Will it be possible to make a primitive application that can automatically detect and log mainly drops but also detect all items in the bank etc?

I'm not familiar with the public access of information like that through textlines in game. Are there any ways to do this without getting such textfeed in game? I would assume not, and in a best case scenario, you would have to right click every drop which highly decreases any accurateness gained through said application.

Evan The Orange


My dream end product for this would be able to examine screenshots of items, such as your entire bank, and recognize all the items contained within and the amount of each automatically. Unfortunately, this might be a bit out of scope for something like this.

Ken Tankrus Ken Tankrus

I can imagine there would be some unscrupulous people out there checking banks and looking for accounts to hack... or there may be people out there embarrassed they have over 100k feathers... lol, just saying

Ken Tankrus Ken Tankrus

Is there a way to hide logs where only I can see my own tab?

Evan The Orange


Currently no. Private logs was something I considered during development, but I decided to not implement it as I didn't really see any reason for it. I will reconsider it if there's a want for it.

badboy247 badboy247

Is it possible to make the items in the tabs arrangeable? For example my "120 slay" bank tab's top item is 5 rune javelins, i'd much rather have coins/ clue scrolls/ charms at the top of the tab. Keep up the good work!

Evan The Orange


This is something that I want to implement, at the very least multiple sorts. At best I'd like to allow you to move and arrange your log around how you see fit.

Amoa Amoa

I just noticed when making some logs, on the "Most recent" & "My logs" section on the main logs page, the logs are tagged incorrectly. - The QBD log I made is actually a kill log, and the 2 clue logs are trip logs.

Edit: Another bug I spotted (you can hate me later :p), on my Cumulative log, it's giving me the total value, but it is only showing 1 of each item per log entry, instead of pulling their multiples. For example, in my hard clue log, I have 29, 19 & 12 Runite bolts from 3 different clues, my cumulative log only shows that as 3 Runite bolts instead of 60.

Evan The Orange


I knew about the Kill/Trip wording reversal already, but I didn't know about the cumulative log bug. I'm fairly certain I know where the problem is for this, but unfortunately I don't have that code available to me on my laptop (darn my laziness in syncing).

I'll work on a fix when I get home tonight.

Amoa Amoa

Been using the site for a long time now, and it keeps getting better and better! Keep up the great work Evan!

crayon pop korea

Will you be adding more signature features, such as for goals like level 120s, 200m skills, item/kills goals using the new logs features?

Evan The Orange


As much as I'm for good content, I don't really enjoy re-inventing the wheel. This is why the skill calculators (click on a skill row on the calc) on this site are very slim featured.

This being said, it's not out of the realm of possibility.

crayon pop korea

Edited my reply a little. Thanks for your reply! I feel that additional signatures would bring in more users as RuneTrack and signatures have always been pretty popular. Obviously it's up to you to decide on the areas that you wish to focus on.

Twin hum

Is there a way where you can see every cape ever created?

Evan The Orange


Currently no, but I'd like to work on that page further, so it's something I'll look into!

Twin hum

Alright looks good man nice job.

Duf Duf

Really glad to see all the progress being made on this site. Great work Evan!!

digunderme bhav3sh

Not sure where to post this - could we get a fix with the calculator, for anyone above 99 dungeoneering and higher, it shows up as 99.99% to level 99 lol. Minor fix but would be nice to see in the future :)

Evan The Orange


This is now fixed.

oath2order Oath 2 Order

Awesome! I need to get around to doing these.

Drakorex Drake

This is really, cool :) you should add a column on the far right that totals the gp from each kill/trip and then an average per kill/trip below the total at the top.

Evan The Orange


Great idea! I'll have that in the next update :)

zenyl zenyl

Amazing! This site is really coming along nicely! Great job! :)
Also, great job in general, the site is really handy and packed with nifty features and sweet details. :)

Evil Lucario Evil Lucario

Awesome. This'll be great.

torvasaur Strobe

Woop Woop!

Monnik Calm Koala


munclesonkey munclesonkey

Oh boy.