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1 Million Searches Giveaway!

Mar 30, 2014

As we come up on 1 million searches on the calc, I can hardly believe this huge milestone. 1 million is an insanely huge number, and I can barely believe we've come this far. It doesn't feel that long ago that this whole project started. I don't feel like I thank everyone enough.

As a thank you to all of you for making this possible, I will be giving away 5 Bonds. To enter, simply head to this page and enter your RSN. The entry for this giveaway will be open for one month, so you have plenty of time to enter!

Update: Currently we are at 944 entries. If we can reach 1,000 entries, I will increase the amount of bonds I'm giving away to 10!

Enter Here

Countdown to 1,000,000 searches


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oath2order Oath 2 Order

Is there an official way to report a bug?

When I am on this page: I have a bug occur when I try to click on the "View Calculator" link. It links directly to this:

which provides an error message of "404 - File Not Found"

I'm able to access the calculator when I change the link in the nav bar to

Figured it might be something you'd want to know. I think what's going on is that spaces in the username don't work right, but underscores do?

Evan The Orange



I'm aware of the issue, and you are correct, it's the spaces. The issue is that different parts of the site encode spaces differently in URLs. By default a browser will convert a raw space into "%20". I've set up the page to recognize spaces as "+", which works exactly the same.

I just need to fix the URL Rewriting, which I'll do now.

As for official ways to reporting bugs, Forums are coming soon with a bug reporting forum :)

Edit: Should now be fixed!
Edit2: AAAAAND it broke it.
Edit3: So it turns out the fix was way easier then I expected it to be :|

oath2order Oath 2 Order

Okay, awesome, thanks! It works now!

Kiyono Kiyono

30k until 1million searches, good job =D

Evan The Orange


Thanks :)

Twin hum

My cursor is not on par with the designer after this addition. Any quick fixes?

Evan The Orange



There's a bug currently that has to do with the browser being less width than the page that causes it to get the wrong co-ordinates for your mouse. I'll work on a fix for this as soon as I can :)

Twin hum

Sounds good man thanks.

Sky SkyTeck


So close! Nice job Evan :D

LJ Cool JJ LJ Cool JJ

Why isnt the calculator page give me the error now ?

jknight87 Qubi

Only 500,000 of those are mine so I consider this a success

Phaenix PantsuOnHead


Super excited!

IrishEIK IrishEIK


It has been a LONG time coming for sure!

Cobkiki Cobkiki