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Player to Player Comparison

Mar 22, 2014

In todays update, I'm proud to announce that a much-request feature is finally available. You can now compare yourself directly with any other player! On the calculator page, you'll notice a new search box above your skills. Simple input another players name into this box and press the "Compare" button to have your stats compared to another player.

The Orange vs SkyTeck

There are two modes of comparison: Percentage of 99 complete, and Percentage of the combined total of experience in each skill. Percentage of 99 complete is the standard view on the calc page, whereas the combined total is a sliding bar across the middle that will show you who's ahead in what.

I would love to expand on this page, and if you guys have an suggestions, fixes, or changes that you'd like to see, let me know in the comments below!

- The Orange

Further Patches

  • Fixed width usage on Profiles and Designer
  • Fixed Gauge colors on Compare and Profiles
  • Fixed Times Searched count on Profile and UCP
  • Added search bars to the Compare page
  • Added "Regular" and "Trimmed" headers to Profile columns
  • Changed last search time on Search Profiles into relative time to avoid confusion and to normalize with the rest of the pages.

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levells levells

"On the calculator page, you'll notice a new search box above your skills."
Is it just me or is this not showing up since the Logs update? I've been accessing it since by clicking the link you provide and changing names.

Evan The Orange


Ah, I apologize about this. I'll have this fixed shortly :)

Duf Duf

Thanks for this feature :)

torvasaur Strobe

This is great! I've been racing a friend for max for a while now this would've been so useful. Time to race for comp now ^_^

Rayquaza Aci

Personally love this myself, but would there be a possibility of adding filters in future? More general things like comparing what's needed for milestone capes and hiding 99s that both players have obtained.

And just another quick thought in mind, since there were going to be virtual 120 capes sometime soon, would you consider adding virtual milestone capes(100, 110, 120) to accommodate?

He Belongs Maldwyn

Friend and I have been having fun comparing each other to our other friends, so definitely loved this! Although, I was curious if there was a way you could add something that allows us to change who we're comparing to. We've just been switching the url for it, not that it's hard to do.

Evan The Orange


Yeah, I realized that was something it was missing before work. I'll implement it tonight or tomorrow :)