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Max/Comp Cape Calc in 2014

Jan 01, 2014

Happy New Year! 2013 was an amazing year of growth and expansion. We grew from a community of just a handful of people to now over 2,200 users! Thank you to each and every one of you for all your continued support. Let's make 2014 an even better year :)

Let's look at some analytic statistics from 2013 (June - December):

  • Unique Visitors: 26,581
  • Visits: 109,602
  • Pages/Visit (avg): 3
  • Top 3 languages: English (84%), Dutch (5.5%), Finnish (1.3%)
  • Average daily unique visitors: 513

This post is going to be a kind of preview about what features I'd like to implement in 2014. Some of these will be very large while some will be smaller tweaks. I am always interested to hear what you guys want to see, so always feel free to post suggestions in comments, even if completely unrelated to the post.


The largest issue prohibiting growth of community is that we have a user-base, but there's no community interaction. I'm planning to work on this by creating forums that will use your already-existing account and allow interaction in the community. It is my hope that we can grow into a strong and helpful community!


Sure, the profile system is a great way to keep track of your Completionist requirements, but it lacks a certain personal touch, and may not be a great solution for everyone. I will be implementing a way to set personal goals that will display on your profile like the already existing requirements, but will be completely unique to you!

Profile Tweaks

I'm a believer that personal customization is what makes something stand out. Soon the profiles will be much more personal. You will be able to change colors, what's visible, have an "about me" section, goals, and maybe even have some other modules available (nothing planned yet).

Better Mobile Support

This isn't a huge priority, but I know how tough it can be to use a full size site on a mobile device. I'd like to implement a nice mobile theme that works well and doesn't get in the way.

Skilling Competitions

What better way to bring a group together then some friendly competition? My current idea for skilling competitions is to have two brackets: Competitive and Casual. Competitive will be for those who really want to go for the most xp possible, with a large prize, where the casual bracket will be for those of us who only get to play a few hours a day, with a smaller prize.

As always, these features aren't final and are subject to change. I'm always looking for suggestions and ideas, as well as any bugs that need to be fixed. Thank you all so much.

- Evan

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xMiley xMiley

If you need help in any way, do ask me. :3 I'd be glad to help out!

Wosby Wosby


Rayquaza Aci

As someone whose used the site quite a lot over the past couple months, I figured I'd finally make a suggestion for the site, although this was the only real place I could find to post it.

It would be nice to see an option to set personal goals, as an option to track on top of the current milestone/max/comp capes. Such as, if I wanted to aim for 92 Prayer for Soul Split, I could set 92 prayer as a goal and it would tell me the standard info that we see currently for the capes. Obviously having multiple goals would show up all together again like how we see with skills needed for the capes.

famouskill kfc survivor

I really love this site it has helped keep me motivated to get my max cape thanks for having this for me to use :D

Phaenix PantsuOnHead


I can't wait to see this become a proper RuneScape community, it certainly deserves to be one.

I'll get in touch with you as soon as possible. I have exams at the moment, so it'll likely have to wait until the last two weeks of January. I wasn't offended by the way you responded to me, and I'm still very interested in helping out. :)

As for those badges, I'll ask around and see if I can find any talented artists willing to do some freebies.

As for now, something that's been bugging me for a while, in your comment-content class, remove “float: left;” because it's making some of the comments look bad. (on firefox it looks like that, no Chrome there is just no white background at all.)

edit: disable "float: left" or "clear: both" and it's fixed as shown here:

Phaenix PantsuOnHead


Hey Evan, I just want to congratulate you on the amazing site you've given us. I've been using it since pretty much the start, and made an account a while after. I have enjoyed seeing this website grow, and I hope 2014 can make even better!

Keep up the good work!

Evan The Orange


I really appreciate this :) One of my biggest goals and hopes is to evolve this site from just a tool into a RuneScape community. I hope you'll be part of it :)

Also, as part of it, I think that I need to welcome more people into the workings of the site. I know you were interested in creating a theme and I really liked what you had. I'd like to apologize for how I replied to that and offer you a chance to work more on it. PM me in game and I can give you my skype or something and we can talk about it :)

Also, I know you've voiced your opinions on badges needing a little more... sorry, a lot more... work, especially on the graphics. I'm still looking for someone to help me design them. If you know of anyone who is good with graphic design, or anyone reading this is, please feel free to talk to me.