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Milestone Tracker

Aug 21, 2013

Today's addition is a rather small one, but also a fun one. I present to you, the Milestone Tracker!

This page does little more then track the people with each milestone cape. Think of it as a hiscores for milestone capes. There's not really much else to it, so I'll keep this short.

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Snez Snez

Mind making the completionist things tickable >_<? Its driving me insane. everything else is awesome

Evan The Orange


What exactly do you mean? Are you referring to the milestone tracker or the UCP? I'll be home midday tomorrow and I'll take a look at the UCP, unless you tell me something different. Sorry for the confusion!

yolomojo yolomojo

nobody has 80 yet huh

Kim A Day Late

Well know, #1 Rank is around 175K Experience left for 85 ;)

IrishEIK IrishEIK


Loving that 70s group!

Kim A Day Late

I'm soon joining the 70+ group :3

Kim A Day Late

Very nice, Well done again!! Evan :D