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The Evolution of the Max/Comp Cape Calc

Last night I had a sudden realization that it's almost been two years since I started working on the Max/Comp Cape Calc (not straight, took plenty of months without working on it). I decided that since I still had all the old versions, it would be a good idea to put together a post with screenshots of how it's evolved.

Read it Here!

Designer, Signatures, and Tweaks


Today, I'm happy to announce some new BIG features, and some smaller tweaks as well! These features have been in development for quite a while now, and I'm very happy to say that they are ready to release! This does not, however, mean that they are finished, so please, send in your suggestions for tweaks and let me know about any bugs!

Cape Designer

This is one of the more requested features I've had. I've always wanted to make one, but I've never known how to even approach it. With experience comes know-how, and with know-how comes new features! The Cape Designer uses HTML5, so older browsers will have no support for this... ever. If you have any issues with it, update your browser (all current browsers run it).


  • Design your own Max and Completionist Cape color layouts, regardless of if you have it in-game or not! Click on one of the large colored squares in the middle to get started.
  • Custom color picker designed from the ground up to match the in-game color picker. HSL value outputs are an approximation of the in-game values, since Jagex uses a proprietary scale and it's very hard to get exact values.
  • Users only: Submit, Vote, and Favorite capes! When logged in, you'll see a "Save Cape" button at the bottom of the screen. You can then name your cape (up to 20 characters), and submit it. Once submitted, your cape will be available for everyone to see, and other users can vote on your design.
  • Click on a submitted cape in one of the lists to apply it to the designer. This is available to everyone.
  • Users Only: If you notice a cape that's a duplicate of another cape or has an inappropriate name, you can flag it for review. Please do not abuse this system, this is so there isn't 300 different versions of the Default color scheme.


Due to a few people abusing the downvote system, there is now a system in place to prevent downvote abuse.

Update 2:

  • You can now generate a png image with a transparent background of your cape.
  • You can now link directly to a submitted cape. The link is found in the tooltip.

Forum Signatures

This feature is aimed towards those of you that are active on forums, but can be used by everyone.

Ever wanted to show off your progress towards a Milestone/Max/Completionist Cape on a forum you post on? Well now you can! Simply enter your RSN and your goal in the boxes provided, and one will be generated for you.

Creating signatures is fairly resource intensive, especially on a large scale, and will only be updated once per 6 hours, and only when viewed. If you want it to be updated, please use the exact code provided.


  • The "Home" link on the navigation bar has been replaced with a house icon.
  • You can now click on the header text above the navigation bar to return to the home page.
  • A large new search box has been added to the front page to avoid confusion on how to get to the calculator page.
  • Ads have been added to all pages (one per page in most cases).
  • The "User Control Panel" link on the navigation bar has been removed if you are not logged in, as it served no purpose
  • The "Recent Searches" list on the front page should no longer occasionally show the same name multiple times.
  • Added "Total Capes Submitted" statistic to the home page sidebar.

As always, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please let me know! Without you, this site simply would not have been possible.

The Smoking Rune

Yesterday I had the opportunity to take part in a Podcast-y thing with Wyodaniel, Born For PvM, and Smokey9112. We discussed topics like EoC, High level content, and Old School RS. Take a look!

1,000 Total Users!

So today we hit 1,000 total users. I canít even begin to explain how huge this is for me. I never expected it to get this popular, but it did. I hope that I can continue to support it as time goes on, and that you guys keep liking it.

Itís you guys that keep it going. Without the userbase I wouldn't have a lot of the inspiration that I get to keep coding; to make more features. Most of my best ideas come from you guys, even if itís just a small word here or there that evolves into something bigger, or a full blown idea that I decide to implement with little change.

Thank you guys for 1,000 users, and hereís to 1,000 more <3

- Evan

New Domain & Caching


The Max/Comp Cape Calculator is now!

This decision came about for a few reasons: Better hosting with more freedom on what I can do with the server, A new domain that's easy to remember, and the calculator is no longer buried 2 directories deep on the site. However, cookies don't persist cross-site, so you'll need to re-login and reset your default names.

I realized a while back that the calculator has grown to a size that it's no longer just a personal project, but something that many people use and love. As such, I've decided to reformat it complete, clean up the urls, work on fixing some of the problems that have been popping up lately with not being able to reach Jagex's servers.

Your stats are now cached. This means that when you search a name, it will save those stats, so that the calculator doesn't have to go searching for them on every request. This should save on external requests and even speed up loading times considerably.

Your stats will update once per 2 hours. This means that once you search for a name, the calculator will use the cached stats, as long as they are less then 2 hours old. This unfortunately means you can no longer check your stats, logout of the game, and then check again to see the difference.

If you were to change your name, and then someone search your old name, it will use the cached stats for up to 30 days, and the user will receive a warning that that users name has been changed.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or notice any missing data, please feel free to comment below!