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Tweaks & Updates (ongoing newspost)

The following tweaks have been made:

  • Designer: You can now generate a png image with a transparent background of your cape.
  • Designer: You can now link directly to a submitted cape. The link is found in the tooltip.
  • Designer: There is now a system in place to avoid abuse of the downvote system (you know who you are).
  • Profile/UCP: The trimmed requirements have been reorganized. Unfortunately, this means all user data that was input previously has been lost, but it was necessary. The trimmed list on profiles is no longer 3x longer then the regular, which was making for unnecessarily long pages.
  • Admin: There is now a page to handle flagged capes. Capes can either be kept or entirely removed.
  • Admin: There is now a page to handle skill calc entries. You will soon see more skill calcs available on the calc page. The newest one as of this post is Mining!
  • Profile: You can now see the percentage complete a requirement is at a glance without having to open the list of subrequirements. Note: This is an average of how complete each individual subrequirement is and doesn't take into account difficulty.
  • Calc: Fixed a bug where outdated stats weren't being treated as outdated and constantly seen as "cached"
  • All: Logged in users will now see a "Welcome, (username)" message on the top right of the latest news bar, along with a quick logout button.
  • Profiles: Changed the rss feed to use a new plugin. This should solve problems with old rss entries being displayed and not being updated.
  • Profiles: There is now an experience distribution chart at the bottom of your profile.
  • Profiles: Profile privacy now functions correctly.
  • Search: Private profiles are no longer returned in search results.
  • Calc: The following skills have had inline skill calculators added: Prayer, Hunter.
  • Front Page: Moved to a new disqus account, as I couldn't remember the old one.
  • UCP: You can now override your cached stats once every 4 hours. There is a button in the "account" tab.
  • Calc: Fixed a bug where maxed (but not comp) players were shown 0 Experience remaining to comp cape.
  • UCP: Fixed a bug where saving account stuff on the Account tab was not working.
  • Designer: Fixed multiple bugs with the favorite system.

Reorganization of Trimmed Reqs


I am shortly going to reorganize the Trimmed Reqs on profiles/UCP in an effort to shorten the list substantially (grouping similar tasks). During this time you will not be able to edit your profile requirements.

Important Note:

Moving requirements around isn't supported, so almost all trimmed req data will be lost.


I have finished reoganizing the Trimmed Reqs, and you can now edit your profile again.

I've tried to group similar tasks into related groups to try to save a lot of space on the Profile. If you feel anything has been miscategorized, or is missing, or if you would prefer something taken out of a category, let me know in the comments below.

The Evolution of the Max/Comp Cape Calc

Last night I had a sudden realization that it's almost been two years since I started working on the Max/Comp Cape Calc (not straight, took plenty of months without working on it). I decided that since I still had all the old versions, it would be a good idea to put together a post with screenshots of how it's evolved.

Read it Here!

Designer, Signatures, and Tweaks


Today, I'm happy to announce some new BIG features, and some smaller tweaks as well! These features have been in development for quite a while now, and I'm very happy to say that they are ready to release! This does not, however, mean that they are finished, so please, send in your suggestions for tweaks and let me know about any bugs!

Cape Designer

This is one of the more requested features I've had. I've always wanted to make one, but I've never known how to even approach it. With experience comes know-how, and with know-how comes new features! The Cape Designer uses HTML5, so older browsers will have no support for this... ever. If you have any issues with it, update your browser (all current browsers run it).


  • Design your own Max and Completionist Cape color layouts, regardless of if you have it in-game or not! Click on one of the large colored squares in the middle to get started.
  • Custom color picker designed from the ground up to match the in-game color picker. HSL value outputs are an approximation of the in-game values, since Jagex uses a proprietary scale and it's very hard to get exact values.
  • Users only: Submit, Vote, and Favorite capes! When logged in, you'll see a "Save Cape" button at the bottom of the screen. You can then name your cape (up to 20 characters), and submit it. Once submitted, your cape will be available for everyone to see, and other users can vote on your design.
  • Click on a submitted cape in one of the lists to apply it to the designer. This is available to everyone.
  • Users Only: If you notice a cape that's a duplicate of another cape or has an inappropriate name, you can flag it for review. Please do not abuse this system, this is so there isn't 300 different versions of the Default color scheme.


Due to a few people abusing the downvote system, there is now a system in place to prevent downvote abuse.

Update 2:

  • You can now generate a png image with a transparent background of your cape.
  • You can now link directly to a submitted cape. The link is found in the tooltip.

Forum Signatures

This feature is aimed towards those of you that are active on forums, but can be used by everyone.

Ever wanted to show off your progress towards a Milestone/Max/Completionist Cape on a forum you post on? Well now you can! Simply enter your RSN and your goal in the boxes provided, and one will be generated for you.

Creating signatures is fairly resource intensive, especially on a large scale, and will only be updated once per 6 hours, and only when viewed. If you want it to be updated, please use the exact code provided.


  • The "Home" link on the navigation bar has been replaced with a house icon.
  • You can now click on the header text above the navigation bar to return to the home page.
  • A large new search box has been added to the front page to avoid confusion on how to get to the calculator page.
  • Ads have been added to all pages (one per page in most cases).
  • The "User Control Panel" link on the navigation bar has been removed if you are not logged in, as it served no purpose
  • The "Recent Searches" list on the front page should no longer occasionally show the same name multiple times.
  • Added "Total Capes Submitted" statistic to the home page sidebar.

As always, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please let me know! Without you, this site simply would not have been possible.

The Smoking Rune

Yesterday I had the opportunity to take part in a Podcast-y thing with Wyodaniel, Born For PvM, and Smokey9112. We discussed topics like EoC, High level content, and Old School RS. Take a look!