Latest News: Happy Holidays

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Happy Holidays

Hello Everyone,

On behalf of the Maxcape staff team we'd like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. Remember to stay safe and scape away!

All the best,

Maxcape Team

Website Fixes

Hello Everyone,

As most of you have probably noticed we ran into some website problems earlier today. It was brought to my attention that our 'calc' page had stopped working. I found out Jagex had updated the url used to grab your account information from the hiscores and because of that change our website wasn't able to function properly.

I have applied the necessary fixes to get things back up and running in working order. If you experience any further problems please reach out to us on Twitter or even better, our discord!

Recent Changes

Hello Everyone,

As you all have heard, we've been quite busy over the past months rebuilding Maxcape from the ground up to not only be better, but to also allow more flexibility for new and larger website features we've got our minds set out to accomplish. Whilst this has been going on, we haven't neglected the current version of Maxcape and we'd like to point out a few changes we've done to stabilize the website until we're ready to release the new version.

Maxcape Patches

  • Partially rewrote the 'calc' page to be slightly more resource friendly.
  • Profile system has had a slight performance boost to account for higher traffic loads.
  • Fixed an issue with the cape designer not saving the correct colors in our database

We appreciate everyone's patience whilst we rebuild Maxcape's foundation and just wanted you guys to know we've applied a few changes to better serve you all until the improved core is finished.

Recent Downtime

Hello Everyone,

It has come to my attention that the website appeared to of been offline for several hours today. I have addressed the problem and everything should be back online and functioning. I've done a few internal changes that should prevent a problem like this from concurring again.

I'd like to please ask anyone that notices any outages or services that are not functioning properly to please let us know on our Twitter @Maxcapedotcom or on our discord so that we can get them functional again!

We're very sorry for the inconvenience this has caused and will keep an eye out for future problems. Thank you again to those who've got in touch with me to make me aware of the problem.

Recovery System

Hello everyone,

Just a quick announcement letting you guys know the password recovery system is now functional once again! If you have any troubles recovering your account, please let us know! We're sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused!