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Posted 3 years ago • Edited 4 times • Last edited 3 years ago by Evan

The future of Maxcape is something that I really look forward to developing, seeing, and using. I'd like to use this space to outline some of the biggest changes that I would like to make to the site, and to get your feedback on the idea. I don't want to waste time on something that no-one wants! I want 2015 to be a great year for Maxcape that can be focused around community, growth, and usability.

The following is in no particular order.


  • The theme from the forums will be transferred to the rest of the site to create a continuous flow. There will be some adjustments made to it. There will be dark/light versions to choose from.


  • Right now, profiles are a really problematic area. They exist for one thing that simply is not relative to everyone using them. They aren't useful to people who aren't working on Completionist or Trimmed Completionist Requirements.

Unification of Calculator and Profile

  • Your calculator page and profile will be combined in a tab view similar to the current Adventurer's Log layout.
    1. Calculator
    2. Personal Profile (modules, see below)
    3. XP Tracking (if enabled, see below)
    4. Adventurer's Log tracker (see below)
    5. Goals (see below)
    6. Completionist Requirements (current profile focus)
  • You will be able to have multiple RS accounts under one profile. These will be available for view in the "alternate accounts" module, as well as being a tabbed list at the top of the calc page. The profile owner can choose if they want alternate accounts visible or not on the Calc.
  • When someone searches for a name on the calculator, if a profile exists that matches the RSN input, it will take them to their profile.
    • If there is no profile to match, it will still look the same, just with the tabs disabled. There will also be a prompt saying something like "Are you [searched name]? Click here to create an account and complete your profile!", somewhere.
  • This will get rid of the need for seperate search areas for profiles and calc, making the site much simpler to use.


Account Verification

  • Having the profile and the Calculator unified creates a unique problem: What happens if someone decides to be rude and says their RSN is __, when it really isn't?
  • There needs to be a way to verify that an account actually belongs to you
    • Verifying it will give you a "verified" icon. This is anywhere your name appears.
      • Verified accounts will have less restrictions on XP and Alog tracking.
    • Options:
      • Change forum avatar to match a "stock" avatar.
      • If I can get Jagex's approval, have a forum thread similar to that of Zybez.
      • Change your adventurer's log to private and back. Verify on each step.
      • Assign a skill to gain a specific amount of XP in by assigning [x] amount of [y] to do. There will be the ability to account for BXP.
        • This would never choose a combat skill.
  • If you can verify that an account belongs to you, you will gain some other benefits.
    • If you verify a name, then change, when/if the new name is no longer found in an update (upon name change), the system will automatically attempt to change you back to your previous name, assuming that the verification process passes.
    • Suggest!

Modular Design, Personalization, and Customizing

  • Let's face it, when you have something that is supposed to be about you, we tend to like it to look how we choose. The profile will be made up from different modules that you can show/hide and drag/drop around to re-arrange the layout of the page.
  • Modules:
    • Personal/Customizable:
      • About Me
      • Social Media?
      • Skill showcase
      • Item showcase
      • Alternate accounts
      • Status Updates? Mini-Blog? (is this really necessary?)
    • Site-controlled (with options):
      • Submitted cape designs
        • Options:
          • Number to show
          • Sorting (upvote total, highest score, newest)
      • Friends (see below)
      • Forum Posts/Threads
      • Logs
      • Signature
    • This is not a comprehensive list, more suggestions are appreciated.
  • Customization:
    • You will be able to choose background colors for different elements of the page, as well as font colors.
    • You can re-order the tabs in any order you want (presumably order of importance).
    • You can make individual tabs private, except the calc tab.
  • Personalization:
    • Along with modules, there will be a lot of personalization done on the profiles. You will be able to set the content of most modules yourself, including what's visible to who

XP tracking

  • When you create a profile, this will be disabled by default.
  • There will be no requirements to turn it on.
  • However, to keep this from getting out of hand, your profile/calc must be viewed at least once a week, by anyone. This is not limited to you.
  • Tracking will consist of:
    • A table (similar to that on Runetrack) with raw data.
    • Graphs
      • Line graph of XP over time.
      • Bar graph of XP gain over time (this is currently used in the "checkpoint" system.
      • Others, feel free to suggest (no pie graphs, these are useless IMO)
  • Honestly, I plan on making this very similar to Runetrack, with history, week views, etc.
  • Option to swap between sliding window view and segmented view.
  • Stats are updated upon each calc/profile view once every 30 minutes (Yes, I'm relaxing the cache limit).
    • At the end of the day, all active accounts are updated via a script (I feel that midnight GMT is a good time for this). These will be your final stats counted for the day.
  • Changing names in the UCP will no longer be "free". It will be verified by script.
    • The process for verification:
      • Your old RSN must not exist in the hiscores.
      • Your new RSN must exist in the hiscores.
      • Your stats will be checked against the last recording of your stats.
        • ALL new stats must be equal to or greater than the old stats.


  • A system where you can create goals in anything of your choosing. These will be completely open to what you want them to be.
    • When creating a goal, there will be a dropdown on type of goal. If you choose "XP Gain/Target", it will automatically track your goal for you. This will be tied in with the XP tracking system.
  • Goals will be organised similar to how the Comp req's are set up now, with a column for in-progress goals and a column for completed goals.

Adventurer's Log Tracking

  • This is where you can keep a history of MOST of your adventurer's log events.
  • This HAS to be heavily limited because of limits from Jagex.
  • Once every 30 minutes (same update that updates the cache/stored stats for tracking), upon visiting a calc/profile, this is updated.
    • The Adventurer's Log RSS feed request is sent FROM THE CLIENTS COMPUTER (This is you). Please keep in mind this is a request you are already making when viewing a profile, nothing new.
      • This is to get past the rate-limitation that Jagex imposes on the Alog feed.
      • The information is then sent back to the Maxcape server, where it's verified and new events are saved into history.
  • This is knowingly prone to tampering and missed events, but it's literally the only way to get this done.
    • Both on your own profile (so it will only use your feedback when you visit your own), or from sending other peoples.

Friends and messaging

  • You will be able to add other people as friends.
    • View friends activity in dashboard (see below)
  • You will be able to send messages to people that they will receive upon next login in an inbox.
    • Message privacy will be a setting in UCP (None, Friends, Accounts older than 1 week, Everyone).

Front Page/Dashboard

  • If you are logged in, the front page will be a very personalized "dashboard".
  • News posts will take a side to your own content.
  • This will basically be a view of most site updated widgets, along with your calc.
  • There will be a friends recent events section that is based off who you have added as a friend on the site.


The Calc is currently the biggest attraction of the site. There are some updates that I would like to make to it as well.

  • Rewrite the milestone selector to allow for custom xp/level inputs.
  • Actual badges
  • As outlined above, integrating profile with calc.
  • Use XP Tracker data to make an estimated projection of when you will finish (# of days).
    • These estimations will be available to everyone.
    • Allow for custom xp/hr inputs to project more accurately ETD (# of hours).
    • This will take the place of the current skill calcs (see below).
  • Allow for player-to-player comparison without leaving the page.
  • Allow columns to be shown/hid. Save these in localstorage.
  • Better organize the page with the new theme to make better use of screen space.


  • Prevent submission of default capes.
  • Rewrite large sections of codes to try to fix the bug that's making it not submit the right colors (related to "submission of default capes").
  • Finally fix the layout to use the screen space. Fix the text box widths on iOS.
  • Remove that popup confirmation when flagging a cape. Give visual feedback on the button pressed instead.
  • Use History.PushState() HTML5 spec to change URL without changing the content of the page when loading a cape from lists (easier sharing of capes).
  • Better explain how to see/delete your own capes.
  • Apply new theme.


  • This just needs to be completely redone. I regret releasing this in the state it is in.


  • Decrease update throttling from 6 hours to 1 (this was to prevent using processing power creating images, not to prevent Hiscore requests).


  • Pages, definitely pages.
  • I really need suggestions on how I can improve this page with features. Right now it's really pretty useless.
    • Perhaps make it a 3rd party hiscores?

Search Profiles

  • This will be removed with the calc/profile unification.

My Profile

  • You will be able to choose in the UCP what tab of your profile this will take you too.
  • Default will be to go to your calc tab.


  • Add relevant inputs for new profile stuff
  • Remove checkpoints (This will be replaced with proper XP tracking.
  • Fix Regular/Trim requirements "Save Changes" button position upon scrolling.
    • This might actually be completely changed with new theme.
  • I would like to move profile customization into an onpage WYSIWYG profile view.
    • Simple "edit" button at the top of each tab if you are on your own profile.


  • Recent post list
  • Extend the unread posts notifier that is in the subforum view to the main page (to wrap the entire subforum).
  • Change Userbox dropdown colors.

Proper Skill Calcs

  • These will be in a new page.
  • These will not be your average skill calculators.
    • Instead of [x] of [y] to get to [z], it will be [a] of [b] to get to [c] to do [d] of [e] to get to [f].
    • Will give you steps of what you need to make to get to the next item to get to the next, etc.
    • User will be able to blacklist items they don't want to make.

Minor new pages

  • About/FAQ
  • Contact Us
  • Site Statistics
    • Move all those statistic informations (total names, total searches, etc) to this page to avoid clutter.
    • Most people probably aren't interested in this stuff, so no need for it to be at the forefront.
User RSN: St Squiggy Posts: 1
Posted 3 years ago

From what I've read so far (down to the Modular section), it sounds all great :o. I still need to read through the rest and see if there's anything I need to suggest.

Maxcape Developer RSN: Astrect Posts: 1
Posted 3 years ago

I like the suggestions and i'm looking forward to an excellent year for Maxcape! Keep up the excellent work.

User RSN: Acid Bubble Posts: 2
Posted 3 years ago

Looking forward to the xp tracker. I liked RuneTrack but its dead, full of bugs and never gets any attention anymore. Glad it will be similar to it.

Maxcape Developer RSN: The Orange Posts: 73
Posted 3 years ago

AcidBubble said:

Looking forward to the xp tracker. I liked RuneTrack but its dead, full of bugs and never gets any attention anymore. Glad it will be similar to it.

I feel like what RuneTrack has is really pretty much perfect, it's just died and become full of bugs, like you've said. This is why I would like to make my own version.

User RSN: Tony Hawk Posts: 1
Posted 3 years ago

That would be great :D personally i liked looking at the graphs under "User stat progress"

Site Admin RSN: IrishEIK Posts: 105
Posted 3 years ago

Woot woot! Let's here it to a great new year!

User RSN: Witty Posts: 6
Posted 3 years ago

Looking forward to all these updates!

Posted 3 years ago

dang this is going to be awesome.

User RSN: Berger Posts: 1
Posted 3 years ago

Glad to see more tools to track progress! Getting close now!